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Margot is an internationally known and respected Psychic Medium, Transformational Life Coach and Holistic Therapist who is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She believes in a multi-faith approach, meaning any and all faiths as long as they are based in love and light.

Being a gifted medium, Margot has the honor of bringing often life changing messages from your loved ones in Spirit for comfort, healing, clarity and peace.

She gives spiritually based psychic guidance, helping to empower you in finding your highest and best path along with your own intuitive gifts. She covers every aspect of your soul’s journey past, present and future.

Known for her honesty, accuracy and compassion, she is well sought out for her many spiritual gifts as well as being well respected amongst the spiritual community.

Margot has helped her international clientele to realize their higher purpose. With her guidance, clients have learned to connect to their world within and outside expanding themselves to love more fully and create lives of abundance in spirit and in hope.

My Services

Spirit Guide Readings







A human being can have many spirit guides throughout their lifetime…



General Life Readings





I am guided by Spirit to give you messages regarding certain aspects of your life…



Cross Overs








I am guided by Spirit to give you messages regarding certain aspects of your life that might be leaving you stuck or lost…



Past Life Readings





Many come for Past Life Readings for many different reasons…





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