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No matter who you are or what work you do – this time of year brings about many tearful memories, myself included. For the past few days my mind has been toying with the idea of putting up a tree and well to be honest – its only really hubby and myself hence the delay in deciding.

My mind went back to a table full of smiling, happy faces and the excitement on children’s faces when they found a 5c in the Christmas pudding! 🙂  My eyes tear as I realise most of those faces have left us and I begin to laugh at the memories I have at the silly times and realise that each of the beautiful souls left their footprint in our hearts and minds so that we will forever remember them.

So I beg the question ….why do we feel the need to remember our loved ones with tragedy or the way they passed?

When I connect with the loved ones that have passed – there is always so much love, excitement and happiness at the prospect of being to connect with those still living. They always bring across “remember the happy times and memories of times spent together happy and loved”.

Because really? That is all that matters. They dont want to be remembered ill or when they were in a bad space BUT rather when they added value to our lives and brought love and happiness. They always feel honoured to have been part of your life/lives and continue to watch over you regardless.

They know you will never forget them no matter how many years have passed and vice versa.

Their message today “live life to the fullest, love yourself and those who deserve you, live without regret and know that they walk with you every single moment of every single day”.

So, look around that Christmas table this year with beautiful memories of our loved ones that have left us that share every single moment with us happily.

You are loved beyond measure – never forget that!

Peace and light, from our home to yours