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Past Life Readings

Why opt for a past life reading? If you have tried to address unexplained problems, phobias and feelings without results, there is strong likelihood that these uncanny sensations and experiences have their root in another lifetime. Past life readings help a person reach deep down into their subconscious and access buried memories of previous lifetimes. Reliving a past life from an ‘observer’ standpoint releases negative emotions and reactions to events that occurred in another lifetime. The most significant benefit associated with past life regression is that the individual is able to return to the origin of the problems and mental blocks that are keeping him from enjoying his current life. The experience is liberating as a past life reading confirms the eternity of the soul and infinite nature of existence. The knowledge often adds to self-confidence, happiness levels and imparts an overall sense of well-being!

The healing sessions allow you to heal in your own time, we will work slowly towards your goal of being able to let go of the past and improving your life on all levels.


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