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Psychic Development Online Course-8 Week Duration

We are all born with intuitive and psychic abilities.   Some of us realise this late in life but don’t know where to begin and how to develop our abilities.   With all the information on Google and the various social media pages, one can easily become confused.

My online course is designed to awaken, develop and grow your gifts through one on one guidance and support.
You will soon learn that – as spiritual beings, we never stop learning and growing.  I am also still learning and definitely not perfect and I definitely don’t know everything (it is literally impossible for anyone to know everything) but one thing I encourage is to walk in your truth (what is true for you) as I do.

There are so many schools of thought out there in the Spiritual community/world and each is obviously for each person’s truth.   Each of us also as our own “comfort zone” level which we adhere to for personal reasons.   We are all human after all with certain restrictions and we should never forget that.

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