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This week I had the privilege of connecting with a few loved ones that have crossed over. Each experience leaves me with an immense sense of loss but also the deepest respect and love for each one I have the honour to connect with. Each message comes through with such an amazing amount of love and light that cannot ever be explained.

Sadly for some (myself included), the festive period bring about remembrance, a period of loss of loved ones. Feelings of “what ifs” and “should of” and of course those deep regrets naturally surface.

Our loved ones are sorely missed and their absence is always sadly noticed. We naturally hold onto memories of our loved ones who have crossed over because they had a huge impact on the beautiful souls we are today.

Loss brings about a deeper sense of faith, strength and love that we never felt before. Helping us realise the true meaning of living our lives to the fullest.

You are loved! Always remember that. Our loved ones are gone but continue to live with us in Spirit.

Be kind today – to yourself and to others who so desperately need it.

Blessings always